August 2020 Minutes

American Legion Minutes

August 20, 2020


Meeting was called to order at 1900 by Commander Jennings-Flynn.

Officer roll was called and it was determined we had a quorum.

Chaplin Mackellar offered the opening prayer. Commander ordered the colors be presented and the POW/MIA flag.  Attendees recited the pledge of allegiance and the preamble to the Legion constitution.

George Snell, Jr. made a motion to accept the Minutes of our June meeting.  The motion was seconded by Keith Mackellar.  Motion passed on a voice vote.  A question came up about our surety bond.  The adjutant will confirm dates.

Finance Report:

Our taxes have been filed this year for N990.  We need to do this to maintain our tax-exempt status.  We have $25,762.00 in our building fund.  The balance of the emergency assistance fund is running low.  We still have $1,000.00 set aside for Oratorical scholarships. Mike Flynn made a motion to accept the finance report subject to review.  Motion was seconded by Scott Hebert.  Motion passed on a voice vote.

There were no other committee reports this month.

Old Business:

Commander Jennings-Flynn and Fred Kelly reported that we retired a significant number of flags during July.  This was a joint effort with participation from both the Legion and VFW.   Fred went on to say that he has recently retired more.  Further, there are still several bags that need to be retired and Fred suggested we consider doing this on a monthly basis.  The first Saturday following the first Tuesday of each month would be a good time to do it.

SAL status.  We still have only three paid members and have not been able to make contact with the leader Jim Wells.  Ed Schott volunteered to follow up with him.



New Business:

Comments for the last D.E.C. meeting were made by the Commander and Adjutant. The VA hospital is now accepting donations once a month.  We will coordinate our donations with Irene Enfante of Post 560.  George Snell, Jr. will send out a list of what the VA will accept.

George made a motion for the Post to make a monthly donation of $100.00 to help defray expenses. This will continue until the economic situation improves. Motion seconded by Keith Mackellar and passed on a voice vote.

Scott Hebert told us two riders were “patched” this month.


Sick Call:

Arthur Torres and Bill Schaffer were reported as being ill.


Good of the Legion:

George and Tamela brough up our need to come up with some ideas for fund raisers. Fred said the Rotary was doing a Chicken fry for the VFW September 12th next door to the State Farm office on Main St.  We are going to look into the possibility of a brisket/bake sale.  Any ideas will be welcomed.


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 2000 hours.


Respectfully Submitted,


Edward Schott