July 2021 Minutes

American Legion Minutes

July 15. 2021

The meeting was called to order by Commander Snell at 1900 hours.  Chaplin Mackellar offered the opening prayer.  Sergeant at Arms Kratzer posted the Colors and the POW/MIA chair cover.  Commander Snell lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the Legion Constitution.  Adjutant Schott called the officer roll and reported a quorum was present.  A motion to forego the reading of the prior month Minutes was made by David Holguin and seconded.  The motion was approved by voice vote.

We had a new member join us.  Jennifer Ryan served in the Navy as a machinist Mate.  Her husband, Jason, has also joined but could not attend as he is still on active duty and will be retiring from the Navy shortly.

Finance Report:  George Snell reported we gave $100 to the VFW and donated $200 to the ALR in support of their recent fund raiser.  The ending balance was $31,655.88 Copies of the report were available for members.  A motion was made by Tamela Jennings-Flynn to accept the monthly report subject to review. As this was also our fiscal year end a second report was presented and it will be voted on at our next meeting.

The Judge Advocate position was vacant.  A motion was made by David Holguin to have Ted Ritts fill the position.  The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.  There were a number of Officers who were not sworn in to their positions and Commander Snell called them forward to be sworn in.  Officers were Fred Kelly, Bill Petch, David Holguin and Ted Ritts.  Mike Flynn made a motion to have Tamela added to the Trustee Board.  The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote increasing the number of trustees to four.

Brad Halliday, 1st VC, reported on his attendance at the Tomball Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  Kevin Brady was the featured speaker.  He talked about the present state of the Congress and the impact impending changes to business tax exemptions will have on small businesses.

S.A.L. report was given by Squadron Commander Mike Flynn.  All the paperwork was sent to District three weeks ago and further activity is on hold till it’s approved.  Once things are settled the SAL will meet monthly at 6:30 prior to the Legion meeting which begin at 7PM.

Richard Cole reported the ALR had their officer installation last month.  They also had a ride last Sunday. Eight bikes and 16 members participated.  They are also looking at doing a 1,000-mile ride around the state of Louisiana later this year.  Richard made a motion to give the ALR space at future A.L. outings in order to sell rider paraphernalia.  The motion was amended to also include SAL and Auxiliary if the wish to participate.  The motion, as amended, was seconded and approved by voice vote.

4th of July: George reported that we took in over $1,100 dollars for the gun raffle. The entertainment portion of the event was literally washed out by a rain storm which soaked everyone.  After the storm passed several of the Legionnaires set up tables and sold tickets till the fireworks started.

Gun Raffle: Ted Ritts said he needed a check for $1585 to pay for the items on the raffle.  The check will be made out to Tomball Pawn.  The drawing will be held at our September meeting. A motion was made by Mike Flynn to provide the funds requested.  The motion was seconded and approve by voice vote.

Jim/Penny Honaker:  Tamela made a motion that the post make a donation of $500.00 to Penny. The motion was seconded and approved by voice vote.   George asked those in attendance if they would make a personal donation. A motion was made by Ted to have the Post match any donations made prior to the end of the meeting.   John Cole volunteered to make a $500.00 donation.  David Holguin said they are going to have a Memorial service for Jim at his church Sunday afternoon 4PM and all are invited.

Tamela reported that our Post needs to significantly increase the reporting of service hours.  We should be reporting at least 10,000 hours a year.  She wants $100 to get a large banner made promoting this activity. She made a motion to that effect and it was seconded and approved.  Failure to report enough service hours could result in the loss of our charter!

Good of the Legion:

We need to get a ground mounted A.L. sign.  It needs to be close to Alice Road. The VFW is ok with this activity.

Tomball Nights will be held August 6th.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 2030 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Schott – Adjutant