August 2021 Minutes

American Legion Minutes

August 19, 2021

Prior to the start of the meeting Tamela addressed us on the importance of keeping track of our volunteer hours.  To help keep this in front of the Post she had a banner created with ___ stars.  Each star represents an hour of service. We were urged to keep track and to fill in stars at all future meetings.

The meeting was called to order by Commander Snell at 1900 hours.  Chaplin Mackellar offered the opening prayer.  Sergeant at Mike Flynn posted the Colors and the POW/MIA chair cover.  Commander Snell lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the Legion Constitution.  Adjutant Schott called the officer roll and reported a quorum was present.   The Minutes of the July 15th meeting were read and a motion to accept was made by Mike Flynn and seconded by Nill Petch. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Commander Snell introduced Doug Burley (current member) and his wife Sandy who is also an Army veteran and is joining our Post.   Then the members present introduced themselves.

Committee Reports:

Finance: Fred and George are in the midst of their turnover. Fred reported that our financial position hasn’t changed in the last month and that a detailed report will be forthcoming at our September meeting.

Service Officer: Bill Petch told us he is working with a lady who is recently widowed.

There were no other committee reports this month, but George did say District 8 has not elected a site for the Oratory 2021 competition.  We will be soliciting participants from the following high schools; Tomball, Tomball Star, Spring, Klein, Magnolia, and Concordia Lutheran.   Roy Fletcher said he has a relative who is a music teacher at Magnolia and volunteered to speak to him about possible candidates.

SAL: Mike said they are still waiting for paperwork to be processed.  He was told they are having computer problems.

ALR:  Richard said they met at the VFW last week.  They have a ride to Lake Charles, LA. this Saturday.  Also, there is a new ALR website coming soon.

The Tomball Nights event went well and we did sign up a new member.

The Conroe H&G Show will be Saturday the 28th from 9-6PM, and Sunday the 29 from 10-5 PM.  We need volunteers to man the booth both days.

George read a thank you card we received from Penny Honaker.    He also said we received a $200.00 honorarium from the family of Edward Wright.

New Business:

Updating financial signature authorities:

A motion to approve the changes shown below was made by Keith Mackellar and seconded. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Fred Kelly, Tomball Post 127 Finance Officer is to assume primary responsibility for all Post 127 accounts using the Post 127 FEID


American Legion Riders 127

Non-Profit Checking 5050-2

Approved Signers:

Fred Kelly, Richard Cole, Susan Cole, Brad Halliday, Glenda Barnes


Sons of American Legion Squad 127

Non-Profit Checking 4220-2

Approved Signers:

Fred Kelly, Michael Flynn, Edward Schott

American Legion Tomball Post 127

Veterans Emergency Fund

Non-Profit Checking 8590-2

Approved Signers:

Fred Kelly, Tamela Jennings-Flynn, Bill Petch, George Snell, Jr.

Post Primary Checking and Savings account

American Legion Tomball Post 127

Non-Profit Checking 5450-2

Scholarship Act 5450-7

Secondary Savings Acct 5450-5


Approved Signers:

Fred Kelly, George Snell, Jr., Edward Schott, Tamela Jennings-Flynn, Ted Ritts


Original Account Certificates of Deposit

American Legion Tomball Post 127

Association Savings 7060-1

6MO CD 060-10

6MO CD 060-11

6MO CD 060-12

Approved Signers:  as currently on file, review options with FCCU manager.


Good of the Legion:

Funeral service for Arthur Torres will be held Friday 10:30 AM and the Veterans National Cemetery.  At a later date there will be a joint VFW/AL memorial at the VFW.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 2100 hours.

Respectively submitted,                                       Approved


Edward Schott – Adjutant                                   George Snell, Rr. – Commander